1. … and he smiles!! (well kinda). Can’t say I won’t miss his class. Thank you Fr. Dacanay!

  2. "I take the car and drive the night,

    the white stripes blur and they ease my mind,

    when all that’s left’s a single line,

    instead of this confusion”

    - What I Know, Parachute


  3. One of my favourite Christmas songs

  4. The view from my room on this particular Sunday afternoon is breathtaking. 

  5. December 1, 2013

    Roasted chestnuts make me feel more like Christmas.

    Christmas is my favourite time of the year.

    For some reason, the sky turns a beautiful wonderstruck show of colour before fading into pitch black. The air gets a little bit colder and beautiful lights which mesh into single lines of brightness as you drive home at night after a long day. It’s amazing how the city and nature come together to remember the night He was born.

  6. Happy Birthday to Chino the boy wonder!!

    "I don’t like this cupcake, the icing seems like its fake, well I guess I better eat it now cause I don’t want to hold it all day" 

    oh come on, your face says it all! haha

  7. And after all that has happened, one question was asked

    Where is God in all this?

    and the answer was simple… 

    In us. 

  9. My new obsession.

    I can’t stop watching their videos!

  10. The lucky shot taken from a collection of horrid photos on my memory card that day